Tight Skirts!

All the sudden my new favorite style is, tight skirts. I know this might come as a surprise to some people but I really do love these type of skirts.
I think they are super cute for the Summer. Wear a loose top (like the middle and last photo) and a solid color skirt and flip flops....or, because I don't wear flip flops, cute sandals.  The fun thing about these skrits are you can dress them up and dress them down. The middle photo is really dressing this skirt down. She put a couple braclets, a ring, layered some necklaces, and a solid color t-shirt on.  That is a great way to wear this skirt to see friends or see a movie.
I would say the last photo shows a great example on how to wear these type of skirts on a night out! Wear a graphic tee (preferably a really "loose" t-shirt) any type of tight skirt. Either solid, or a print (i.e cheetah, polka dots, zebra) And then put a simple high heel with it.  And then you are ready to go!


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