hipster 1 |ˈhipstər|
noun informal
a person who follows the latest trends and fashions.

when i think of hipster, i think of some emo, depressed, long-haired teenager who hates his life and spends all his life on tumblr.  disturbing, i know.  but isn't it true?  maybe they wear all black, or have purple highlights.  it's a stereotype.  so when i decided to choose an outfit today, i decided to go hipster.  or at least, the real definition of hipster.  

[grain added for effect... you know, hipster effect]

outfit details | shirt/thrifted | shorts/h&m | tights/nordstrom | boots/target

this shirt makes me very happy.  i found it while thrifting, and when i put it on, i felt so lady gaga-esque. one of my favorite new things has been shoulder pads.  they make me feel so.... hipster?  

So.  My first OOTD here at be now.  hope you enjoy!