[shot by dawn gregg]

I am a young, Dorky, home-schooled teenage girl who is going into her first year of high-school.
My passion that I try my best to pursue is being a major fashion designer. While I am trying to get past high-school and on to the real world, I spend my free time making hair accessories and doing sewing classes, and of course blogging!  I am the the fourth child out of five.  I Love my family and friends dearly. They are a huge inspiration to me and my life. One thing you will realize between me and my family is that I look nothing like them. That is because I was adopted from Kazakhstan and my older sister was adopted from Russia!  I believe that God died on the cross for my sins and he put me on this earth for a reason!

i am fifteen years young, and enjoying every minute of it.  i'm obsessed with fashion, in love with tights, shoulder pads, and all things vintage.  i'm an aspiring photographer.  i love finding beauty in the ordinary.  i love people.  i love the Lord.  i dream of one day starting an orphanage.  oh, and a vintage shop in downtown phoenix with the girl i share this blog with.  i love quiet late nights.  i love the way the sun looks when it sets behind the mountains.  i love adoption & orphans & africa.  i like the simple things.  i go to an online school.  i love my friends.  i love my family.  i believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who came to save me.  i have four amazing brothers.  i love life.  

we met through church.  our parents knew each other.  we didn't get to know each other until middle school.  from there, our love for each other grew.  we talked everyday, and eventually became super close friends.  jemima moved away earlier this year, and we have kept our friendship strong through it all. we enjoy late night talks, fashion, math, hanging out with each other, laughing, and the Lord.  we have a passion for fashion, and want you to, too.