80's Trunk Show

Evey two to three months I am going to host a trunk show! And each show will be a theme.This months theme is 80's.

So, lets get started and let me show you what is here!

In this trunk show you have-

80's hand gloves ( in light pink, hot pink, orange, and purple)
80's polka dot clips (in aqua blue, purple, red, royal blue, and orange)
80's zig-zag clips (in red, pink, blue, and yellow.)
80's bangles (the set includes a white bangle, pink bangle, and black bangle.)

*Please email me for prices!



one shirt :: two ways

this week, we were blessed to be able to see each other.  we both bought these lovely floral-green button down's on maple in LA, and decided to wear them together.  i for one was very excited to see how we had both put outfits together with the same shirt.

outfit details :: top(under) / maple | sweater / h&m | jean shorts / h&m | tights / target | shoes / h&m

outfit details :: tank top / gifted | Open button down / maple | jeans / H&M


A splash of pink!

The new style right now is wearing a splash of pink with your outfit.
Either wearing an adorable pink pencil skirt, a bright hot pink sweater with hot pink ballet flats, or even wearing an all pink dress pink, pink is in!
Pink, I never really liked because I thought it was too childish! But now (this is exactly how I felt with the color teal) that I see these photos I really feel like getting myself an all pink wardrobe!


tights under shorts

one of my new favorite looks this season is tights under shorts.  i think it looks wonderful.  it's also a great look in the winter, if you're wanting to wear shorts but also stay warm.  here are a few of my favorites:



Neutral + Neon

This outfit is amazing. I would wear in a heart beat. I love it.
In all of my years of wanting to be fashion designer would I think of putting neutrals with neon's. I kinda feel stupid of not thinking of that. But, now that I see that this combination works I will defiantly use it in my later fashion days and I hope you use it too!










i have always been drawn to stripes. I have always had a "thing' for stripes and i am so happy that this year they are finally in!!!

Stripes are so fun because you can where them anywhere. Like on the top left.... boots + plaid + stripes = AMAZING! I don't know why I didn't think of that combination before! Also the outfit on the top right is amazing, bright colors with stripes are a must. And of course, stripes and a blazer are always welcome to my town. (If I had a town) And I think out of all of these outfits, I would wear the bottom right. It just looks comfy, I would slip right in to that outfit any day.


a good jacket :: essentials

i think another essential thing in your wardrobe is a good jacket.  whether it's a blazer, or just a nice, sturdy jacket; it's so necessary!







i recently found a pink blazer at goodwill.  while at h&m blazers go for $30-$45, i got mine for $4.  it's probably from sometime in the 80's, which is perfect, because that is what is all the rage this season.  i do think that it would be worth tailoring, just to fix a little bit ;) 

a good jacket can add to any outfit.  i live in arizona, where jackets aren't really that necessary, but in most states, you would need a good jacket.  blazers are fun, quirky, and very popular this season.  i also love the green coat that is in picture #4.

so go buy yourself a good coat or blazer!



sweaters :: essentials

we're starting a new collection :: essentials!  it's just a collection of blog posts with items we think are essential to your wardrobe.  well, let's get started!





one of my new favorite things to do has been to wear a collared shirt and throw a sweater over the top (as I did in #2 + #3).  it's been all the rage this season, and it's definitely a great addition to your outfits!  also, (in outfit #1) i wore a sweater over a dress.  i've done that a few other times with other dresses, with tops that don't fit as well.  and sometimes, you want to create a more skirt-like outfit instead of a dress ;) in outfit #4 i paired my famous gray sweater with my floral shorts during the summer for a great hot/cold outfit :)

hope you all enjoyed my little post!  be looking out for much more, and more essential posts!

much love,



I love scarves. The way it can brighten up an outfit is so cool!! If you are wearing a plain black shirt and jeans...then you put a bright colored scarf with it, it will make the whole outfit light up....kinda like a CHRISTmas tree!!

Scarves can also make you so warm and cozy, especially an infinity scarf! My favorite type of scarf is an infinity scarf (a.k.a circle scarf) and i love putting outfits together w/ my hot pink circle scarf!!



Teal wasn't my favorite until I saw these photos! 

When you think of teal, you think of too bright, icky, not a fun color to wear on your body! I was afraid to wear teal because I thought it was too bright! But I actually think teal is my favorite color now! LOL.
What do you wear with teal?  You can wear white,black, pink, base. What do you wear to calm down the brightness of teal? Brown TOTALLY calms any teal piece of clothing down! And so does navy!
So go buy yourself a teal shirt, or skirt either way, teal clothing is AWESOME!!!


florals and fuzz

hello, my lovelies!  soooooo you're probably noticing that i like leggings.  and tights.  this is what i wore for thanksgiving.

dress//h&m | leggings//h&m | boots//uggs.

i thought it would look kinda strange.  a dress, leggings, and uggs.  after all, shorts and uggs are just not the best together.  buuuut!  it actually turned into something really cute.  



First Outfit of The Day Post!!!

I usually have trouble finding outfits because I always feel like I have nothing in my closet, nothing new, nothing fun, I just feel like I stare at dull pieces of clothes! BUT, today I felt like I wore a totally brand new outfit!  Something I just bought from the store!
I love this outfit because it is bright but also being so classy! Boots w/ leggins..so classy! 
With this outfit I actually wore leggings and usually I don't like wearing leggings with my dresses but today I made an exception! And I liked the exception!!

I hope you liked my first OOTD post! 

xoxo Jemima