First Outfit of The Day Post!!!

I usually have trouble finding outfits because I always feel like I have nothing in my closet, nothing new, nothing fun, I just feel like I stare at dull pieces of clothes! BUT, today I felt like I wore a totally brand new outfit!  Something I just bought from the store!
I love this outfit because it is bright but also being so classy! Boots w/ leggins..so classy! 
With this outfit I actually wore leggings and usually I don't like wearing leggings with my dresses but today I made an exception! And I liked the exception!!

I hope you liked my first OOTD post! 

xoxo Jemima

The Lover  – (December 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM)  

I agree :) Dress + Leggings = Really classy :D Awesome outfit:D it's the type of thing I would wear :)


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