20 Outfits

This is what you do at 9:00 at night.....you pick out 20 outfits. Not because you are going on a vacation just because you want to have some outfits ready to wear when you need an outfit to wear!  I think that is what a true fashionista does. 


Denim and Orange

Fall is here and that means I can pull out most of my winter clothes. I am so happy.   The other day I put a few outfits together and this was one of them.   I love this outfit, it is so simple.  

Wrap Skirt-Downtown L.A ...aka Maple! 

Denim Jacket- From my "Aunt" Cate. 

Plain Shirt- From a friend. 

Shoes- Stole from my moms closet.

Necklace- Stole from my older sister. 


Fur Coat.

I actually got a fur coat from a friend the other day and I can't wait to wear it. I would never thought in a million years that I would want to wear a fur coat.  Do you think fur coats are cute?