sweaters :: essentials

we're starting a new collection :: essentials!  it's just a collection of blog posts with items we think are essential to your wardrobe.  well, let's get started!





one of my new favorite things to do has been to wear a collared shirt and throw a sweater over the top (as I did in #2 + #3).  it's been all the rage this season, and it's definitely a great addition to your outfits!  also, (in outfit #1) i wore a sweater over a dress.  i've done that a few other times with other dresses, with tops that don't fit as well.  and sometimes, you want to create a more skirt-like outfit instead of a dress ;) in outfit #4 i paired my famous gray sweater with my floral shorts during the summer for a great hot/cold outfit :)

hope you all enjoyed my little post!  be looking out for much more, and more essential posts!

much love,

-Rachel  – (December 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM)  

I really like the last outfit. :)

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