This was my outfit Sunday. It was perfect weather to wear this outfit.  I loved wearing this style, sweater over button down, it was so comfortable! 
So what I did is took my black sweater (resale) and put it over my Gap button down (Gap) and i decided to put it with my bright colored teal skinny pants. (Target) Then for the shoes I was going to wear my black ballet flats then I realized I want to wear my VINTAGE (re-sale) high heals, that are, might I add, the most comfortable high heels ever! So this outfit had a little vintage feel and a little pop! I think it was a great outfit for church. 

Also do you remember when i wrote the post on the color teal? Well ever since that post I was determined to find some kind of clothing that is teal. And last month I went to target and they were having a sale and their colored pants were $20! That might seem expensive to some people but to me that was cheap for colored skinny jeans!!!

I hope you like my OOTDP 


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