conquer your maxi-wearing fear

We all know the feeling - you don't want to look like you're a character from Little House on the Prairie.  You want to wear a maxi skirt/dress, but you're afraid you'll look like you have never been out.  I get it ;) I was so scared to jump into a maxi skirt/dress, but once I did, I never turned back.

This season we are seeing more of a higher hemline.  Right about just above the ankle.  Now, I personally cannot pull this off because I'm barely 5'1" and I'd look like I'm swimming in it ;) But!  If you are taller (like Jemima!) you should totally try this.  Here is an example:

(so in love with is dress!)

There you have it :) Hope you can conquer your maxi-phobia ;)

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