how to 'pull off' boyfriend jeans

Hey, everyone!  I'm alive.  Sorry, I took a break from blogging :)  I'm back now though!  And ready to rejoin the fashion blogging world :)

Anyways, I'm going to talk about boyfriend jeans!  There are many ways to wear them. I'll try to break them down for you.

The key to pulling off boyfriend jeans is that you have to get the proportions and the top right.  Since the jeans are more slouchy, it's okay to wear a more slouchy shirt with it.  In this photo, she has a great example of denim on denim, and also how to make it super casual.

This isn't really boyfriend jeans... but I think the top is a great idea to pair with boyfriend jeans.  She paired a button down with an oversized sweater.  Perfect. 

Again - the proportions are perfect.  The top is also not too tight - which is key.

In this outfit, I think this woman perfectly showed how to make boyfriend jeans more formal.  She added heals and some great bracelets with an oversized bag to make it less casual. 

I lovelove this look.  The floral scarf with the sweater and light-washed jeans is so lovely!

One more thing to remember - make sure you get the proportions right.  In each of these outfits, none of the tops were too long.  If they went too long, you'd end up looking really short (which is not good for us super short girls ;)) and probably would throw off your whole outfit.

Hope you enjoyed this post :) I'm glad to be back!


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