For most people Summer is here that means bathing suits and more bathing suits.... at least for me it is. SO in summer all I wear is shorts and bathing suits! They are so comfy that is all I want to wear.
Every Summer I look for the latest trends and what color is in.  the latest style of bathing suit is one piece. Now this might comes as a shock for you but to me I actually was really happy because I was really wanted to wear more one pieces..I don't know why.
I think for the last couple years (or even more) two pieces are all everybody wanted to wear..I was actually one of those everybody. But when January came and you know that is when a lot of people start wishing for Summer to come, I start dreaming about what I want to wear (bathing suit whys) and I really wanted to wear one pieces. I actually got a one piece for the summer and it s SO cute. REALLY CUTE. So me and it something that I would def wear everyday!

Well I am going to go swimming........Maybe play Marco Polo! Anyone with me???

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