denim on denim

denim on denim is something we've been seeing a lot of inside the style world lately.  it's one of my favorite looks, i just haven't been able to try it!  denim tops are very hard to find!  anyways, here are a few outfits i set up on polyvore to show you how to achieve this classic look.

denim on denim pt 1

denim on denim pt 1 by iamemmaclaire featuring tote hand bags

this first outfit is the most basic way to do denim on denim.  the key to this classic outfit is that the washes of the denim need to be different.  so, i paired a dark-wash jean with this lovely lighter-wash button down.  these button downs are all over Goodwill, if you're in need of one!  i then just paired simple colors to go with it.  if you're not a very loud person, this outfit is perfect for you!

denim on denim pt 2

denim on denim pt 2 by iamemmaclaire featuring an envelope clutch

this second outfit is a little different than the other one!  i used a long denim long shirt and a lighter wash of jean.  i'm also featuring an orange envelope clutch and a creme gladiator sandle.  this outfit is probably just as basic as the other one, but i think it's a little more dynamic.
denim on denim pt 3

denim on denim pt 3 by iamemmaclaire featuring crochet hats

wondering how to achieve this look in the summer?  try this outfit!  i paired a vintage white-wash tee with some dark shorts.  i added a lot of accessories.  it's so hard to find a great pair of denim shorts that aren't short, boring, or just plain average (haha).  i found a great pair of denim shorts at H&M last summer and wear them all the time.  here at be now we are strong believers in shopping at H&M, because we think their clothes are not so average, so go check them out!

and, finally, here is the look in action:

i hope you enjoyed my little overview of this great outfit, and i hope it inspires you to be different and wear denim on denim!


Joanna  – (January 21, 2012 at 2:15 PM)  

Love this post! I think my favorite outfit is the second. I love the old vintage feel to it!

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