The Grammys, as we all know, is musics biggest night. I love watching award shows but the one thing that i really look forward to would be the fashion.
I was really surprised on  the outfits that the celebrities chose. I saw a lot of glitter, and to me most of the outfits were very elegant and classic.

 I will show my favorite outfits and my not so favorite ones.

Good ones.

 Nicki Minaj. I really liked her creativeness with this outfit. Would i wear it? NO...but for her I think she did a fantastic job!

 I loved her dress. It was so classy and chic. It fit her body SO well, I would wear that in an instant. But the one thing I had an hard time with was her clutch that she chose. Black clutch? Not what I was expecting.  A silver clutch would've been more satisfying.
This dress is so perfect. So classy. Fits her body AMAZINGLY. I love it.
 I love this band and I love there style. They nailed it.

The bad ones.
 Fergie. Fergie. Ferfie. What did you do? 

I did not like this outfit. It is so bad. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate that dress. Honestly. I love love love love the color. I think she would've been better of if she put a black 1 piece slip cover under it.
 I really liked this dress....except the hair and the color of the dress. To me the color of the dress looks Easterish.   But the cut of the dress is very flattering!
 I don't like this dress at all. I am sorry but it isn't flattering. I don't like the colors at all. I think she is totally cute and could of done better!
I loved everything about this dress except the top part. I would of loved this if it was a sweetheart neckline or anything else.


Jo  – (February 13, 2012 at 3:36 PM)  

I agree, fashion is the best part of it. I LOVE Carrie Underwoods dress! :)

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